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Viglant is an industry leading fraud prevention membership organization, managing the largest database of instances of fraudulent conduct in East Africa. We provide businesses with the information and tools they need to understand fraud and financial crime when it happens, and continually advise businesses on how to protect themselves from loss.

Viglant has collaborated with organizations from across the public and private sectors to create a non-competitive loss prevention environment, focused on working with rather than against each other to defeat fraudsters. With every organization that becomes a Viglant member, or with whom we collaborate, we establish a tougher environment for fraudsters - both externally and within your organization.

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Case Study

Juma invested 1,500 Dollars from savings and borrowing in an M-PESA shop. Being a shrewd businessman, Juma ensured he employed a person with experience and great product knowledge. The assistant had previously worked in a busy town.

Slowly, his business grew, and the number of daily sales/transactions and commissions were up day by day. Juma faithfully re-invested 70% of his earnings in the business.

This made his shop the best in the location as customers were assured of service. He had no stock/float and cash availability issues, he sold various household goods and phone accessories.

As the business grew, Juma decided to expand. Having seen the fruits of the first location, he invested in the second shop more, to make it a mini-supermarket. He also increased the stock in the first store beyond feature phones and accessories.

As fate would have it, problems started coming in bucketfuls. The experienced, knowledgeable, and happy assistant ran away 1000 Dollars from his first shop. He later learned that this employee had stolen from their former employer too.

In the same week, the assistant in the second shop was conned for 250 Dollars by fake money dealers and received half the goods ordered. A month later, the shop was broken into, he lost all his household goods stock. He also had a lot of stock through shoplifting, half deliveries, voiding sales at the till – serious pilferage.

Unfortunately for Juma, he had not insured his business as the premiums were exorbitant, he also had several loans to pay.

With his prospects dim and dire, he had to close shop. To recoup his lease and investment in the shop, he started a ‘less’ risky business of selling cereals and grocery.

So, how could Juma have:

  • Juma could have information on all applicants before hiring them. Using the Viglant portal, Juma would have known that the employee had previous unreconciled issues with his former employer.

    Call 020 2718888/9 or email info@viglant.com for more information.

  • Every day, Viglant gets thousands of loss reports. With these large data sets, we are able to see patterns, trends, and results of behaviours or actions of employees that have led to losses to their employers. This information is availed to you to enable you to proactively manage the threat.

    Call 020 2718888/9 or email info@viglant.com for more information.

  • With all the loss reports in the system, Juma’s employees would have been set up to receive simple tailored, locational, and industry-specific loss alerts. These alerts prewarn the employees of their immediate risks i.e. the methods, unique/new tricks, dates, times, etc a loss might occur.

    Call 020 2718888/9 or email info@viglant.com for more information.

  • By setting up strict measures at his workplace, Juma could have made sure that all his employees comply with his company's policies. He could have had strict repercussions in place for any of his staff found engaging in any irregularities.

    Call 020 2718888/9 or email info@viglant.com for more information.

  • It’s been proven, that businesses on Viglant suffer drastically fewer losses. This happens because routines are set up to manage internal public to business, and business to business risks. This reduces a business’s risk profile, which in turn reduces the cost of insuring and financing the business.

    Call 020 2718888/9 or email info@viglant.com for more information.

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